The Legends Circuit / Comic Fiesta Day 1

I blame my hotel’s wireless connection for being horribad at nights, so I resorted to using a direct line and, TADAH!! With that, let’s get down to the Topic at hand.. shall we?

<Selfie on the previous day with the Twin Towers behind me.. Aint it shiny?>

Having arrived at KL the day before, I had ample time to do my required familiarization around the area, so I was quite prepared for what was to lie ahead today. I HAD also expected the crowd to be driven in the hundreds, given the level of the event itself, and oh boy was I badly mistaken.
Yup… THAT bad. :\

Due to me arriving rather ‘on time’, I could only blame myself. :#
After a quick breakfast and 45 minutes of hot air, I finally managed to get my tickets!!
<Well actually, it turned out that I didn’t had to pay for them, but due to me being a slowbum… GAH. I think I’ll just forget about that. The answer to this will be revealed on Day 2’s Post… Sigh>

<In we gooooooo!!!>

So, the area itself wasn’t all that big (in regards to the areas that I was concerned about), but hey, it’s still larger than our AFA SG 2013. With the League of Legends TLC Playoffs taking place at Hall 5 (In case for the unknown, I’m there to take care and report over my team’s event!), I duly spent some time with my team (who eventually won the match), and proceeded on exploring the venue.
<My team before the match up. The crowd behind them was just a small indicator of just how many people actually watched. Here’s some pictures depicting what the crowd was like…>



<Yup.. THAT hardcore. Did anyone spot.. LOGITECH at the background? :D>

<The Insidious Gaming Logo splashed out.. kekeke>

Some overhead banners that depicted the main draw for me (and for most actually)…


Here’s the main screen where the action was taking place…
<If only I had such a screen for my own monitor.. wwwwwwwwww>

The shoutcasters were hard at work.. though to be honest, the mic quality was kinda bad.. Hope they remedy this by Day 2!

And here’s the championship trophy close up.. (Can I take that home? Pretty pleaseeee D:)

In between each match, there was a cosplay segment, where individuals would come out cos-ing as LoL characters. It was fun, and certainly adds variety into a otherwise an already intense competition (the crowd cheers were crazy at times…)

Here are some shots…


<She’s from SG… and she flew all the way here just to compete. Thumbs up!!>

While exploring around the other part of the event, turns out that this time round, they wanted to focus alot more on their country’s creative talent, with their creative booth taking about 1/3 of the whole event, and alongside with schools/universities about game design and all, so this time round, the convention was evenly split between games, anime, and education itself.

Happened to bump into Danny Choo while eating Lunch, but didn’t get the chance to take a photo with him.. NUUUU!!! :<

More cosplayers were walking by, soooooo.. WHY NOT? kekeke




Anyway, as the day rolled by, my team performed well today, winning both their matches to seal their entry into next year’s GPL. But there’s still the finals to be played, and with 20K MYR up for grabs, here’s to wishing my team all the best tomorrow!!
<My favourite photo for the day…>

<Team Exiles along with one of the LoL Cosplay Contestants.. She got 4th unfortunately… :< ..>

Dinner was brief, with a simple, but not so cheap Japanese restaurant, alongside with Garena staff from both countries. Had alot of fun bantering and chatting with them.
<Spot anyone familiar? :D>

<No that’s not mine.. I only had Garlic Rice and Chawanmushi. :#>

A quick pitstop over at my team’s hotel room for debrief, followed by heavy footsteps back to my hotel room, with my loots of the day revealed. HUE HUE HUE
<No Prizes in guessing which is my most coveted item of the lot>

Good night, and see you all tomorrow at Day 2!! 😀


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