The Legends Circuit / Comic Fiesta Day 2

Day 2’s Happenings at the TLC / CF Event over at KLCC, where alot happened, and much more…

<As mentioned, the reason why I regretted buying the tickets, was due to the fact that I could have gotten in for free with this pass of mine instead, which I only registered AFTER buying them. ZZZ>

This time round, waking up early was no issue for me (4 hours of sleep are like my regular shifts..), Leaving the hotel at 8.30am, it was amusing to see so many ppl queueing up, and me having the Media Pass, just walked in, immune to everything that blocked my way.

<Since the event only opened up at 10am, I had about an hour or so to walk around and take photos of the empty hall>

<The queue.. at 9.50am>

<The same queue… at 9.58am. *Waves!!>

I really had nothing much to do since our match only commenced at 3pm, so I spent the next 5 hours mingling around with some of the CJ booth staff, taking a whole aplomb of photos (SELECTIVELY, of course), and getting to know some interesting people as well.

Some Photos while waiting for the Finals to commence….



<This is a damn cool costume, with a shiny helmet to boot!>

The crowd was as siao on as usual…
And after all that waiting, it was time for the playoff finals!!

As Team Exiles were in the upper bracket, they were given a 1 game default to work with, and our guys were soon in the thick of action, matching their opponents, SGS in anyway possible.

<In the Midst of Action…>

And my word, did these 2 teams deliver a pulsating finals or what. The crowds went berserk many times throughout the Finals, due to it being a Best of 5, and both teams giving their all out for top honors, even though both teams had already secured their spots in the coming GPL.

<Proof that E-Sports can only get better at time passes…>

<Did you see the familiar face again? I know I did.. haha>

In the end, after a fierce bout of games lasting nearly 3 hours, our guys achieved 2nd, and even though the defeat is a bitter pill to swallow, the guys gave a great performance, so much so that the audience was actually rooting for us to make SGS work hard.

Even so, Team Exiles walked away with 10k MYR and Logitech Headsets, so it wasn’t all too shabby either.

Congratulatory photos were in order….

<That’s just me photo-bombing. LOL>

More photospams, cause I like it. πŸ˜€
<With KThxBai. They were good opponents right up to the end>

<With a Garena Babe… mMmmmmm>

<With da Legend Baldwin>

<Demmm Photobombs… :<.. >

Overall Thoughts: There’s alot that this event here has given me, and is probably an eye-opener to me as well. Considering that this is my first solo trip overseas attending an event, there were alot of expectations that I have to meet up to. Covering the event is never going to be easy, and to do that alongside with what I want to set out to achieve over at the event itself is no mean feat. I’m glad to say that I have certainly met all my achieved targets, and hopefully I have covered enough of the event itself to showcase the happenings going on through, from a close up perspective point of view.

With that, it’s time to bid you goodnight! Back to SG I go tomorrow… :< (All good things have to come to end)


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