The Gaming Entertainment E-Sports Exhibition (GE3) After-AFTER-Review Part I (Day 1 & Day 2)

Well I confess. I’m slow. But I have good reason to be!! It’s.. it’s not like I didn’t want to show you the whole 3 – Day event or.. or anything!! But here it is anyway. GE3 has nothing been short of amazing, and it has been an exhilarating ride of emotions throughout the event.

Without further ado, let us walk down the journey shall we? ๐Ÿ˜€ (Part II will be released later, as there lies a special surprise post in store for you!)

ย <Day 1: 27th December 2013>
<My Booth at GE3 – Jubeat Saucer!!>

For the unknown out there, I was the Main Event Organizer for the Jubea+ Tournament 2013, as thus this is my first official full-scale event, where I wield sole responsibility of the event itself. It was a whole bunch of nerves for me actually. Since I had the ability to control the event, only I alone can decide how the event outcome would be.

Nevertheless, setting up was simple enough. (The technicians were good in getting their stuff up :D) Reaching the event was a breeze for me too, considering that I live only 10 minutes away. :#

Meanwhile… I was preparing what would be the fate of all of my participants. Huehuehue…
<Yup… dem Ping Pong Balls of Fate. These Balls literally controlled the whole song choices, and my word did it cause some frustrations at the event. :D>

Since Day 1 was a warm-up session, some of the participants & public alike came down to train up for their competition tomorrow. (But the truth is that they were there for the free gameplay!!!)
<The Participants were all smiles while queuing for the Free Games!! :D>



<Some of the Participants in Action… Www>

<Jubeat… only 2x Bigger. :D>

Day 1 was mainly more for practice purposes, so as expected the crowd wasn’t much. And probably a good thing too, since the day was also plagued with network problems x200. D: But kudos to my audience for being such good sports, they waited even though the network was trolling them. ๐Ÿ˜€

Some of our GE3 babes that I managed to steal some shots while lepaking* (Malay for slacking/lazing) around the GE3 Event.


Anyway… as the day drew to an end, the machines were still abit cranky at best, but they were still playable, so I crossed my fingers and prayed that they would recover by tomorrow… Even though by the time the day ended, (and at 2.30am no less), thankfully I had a nearby chalet that I rented for the event to rest myself, and boy.. I literally DIED the moment my head hit the pillow. :O

Will my Event go as planned? Will it soar.. or will it crash? Only 1 way to find out….

<Day 2: 28th December 2013>
<FUSAa! Goes the Panda… and that was my reaction to the day actually. Haha>

Day 2 of GE3, aka my Event’s Group Stages Round. And to top things off, I had a Dual Event running simultaneously. Could this be anymore nerve-wrecking that it already is?!?

This was it, everything had to run smoothly. The machines needed to be right. The network had to be stabilized. Or my Event would crash and burn. Fingers crossed, I came earlier to do 1 last inspection, and by some grace of luck…

Everything was in order!! We were GOOD TO GO!!


<The Audience & Participants ready and waiting to kickstart the Event!!>

And so began our Group Stages, and color me surprised. The audience were extremely supportive, giving out cheers and rousing reactions to the song selected. And as the event proceeded on smoothly, everyone was actually serious in watching the event unfold, something surprising for me actually.


<The Audience watching on intently, as the event unfolded. It even caught the attention of the camera crew above, and members of the public that strolled took a quick peek as well>

As for me.. well, I’ll just leave THIS picture here for you to guess what I was doing sometime during mid-afternoon. ๐Ÿ˜› (P.S. I WAS ONLY ABLE TO GET THIS AFTER A 5 HOUR SPELL STUCK AT MY BOOTH. SERIOUS!)
Side Note: She loved my Mirai Tee though. Wwwwwww>

Remember I said something earlier about running dual events? Well, I was also in charge of the Mini Public Event for Jubeat Plus, aka the Tablet version of my Tournament. This event was solely created for the public to attract awareness of such an app in iOS, and the general reactions were pretty mixed of ‘There’s such an app?” and “What’s this?”.

And I had 1 of my friends, who had long left the arcade scene, to try it out. Kekeke


<For those who don’t know, she’s none other than Dota2’s PMS Kimchi* herself. Many thanks Kim for supporting my Event! :D>

As the day progressed, different participants came along, and as each group stage was cleared, only the Final 12 Teams (2 from each Group) were able to advance to the Finals!! Here are some shots depicting the day’s actions…


<You could actually feel the intensity at some points of the match. It was REALLY that intense>

Well, at a tournament, you’re bound to find some people just that talented. Here were some scores of the day. (Absolutely amazing to be able to keep their nerve and attain the maximum score)


<Dem Excellents… :#>

And there you have it. Day 2 was officially over! Though the area was still up for free play, I wasted no time in trying to secure an exhibition match for a very special VIP guest for the Finals, and though they were not there to approve, I’m still keeping my hopes up for it to happen.
After another long stretch of games, it was already 3am by the time I reached back to the chalet. And just like the day before, instant KO!!

Well, this wraps up my 1st Half of my After-AFTER-Review of my GE3 Journey. Stay tuned for my next post. Part II of GE3!! (Be prepared for a whole long aplomb of photos.. because it will definitely be worth the wait!!)


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