The Gaming Entertainment E-Sports Exhibition (GE3) After-AFTER-Review Part II (Day 3)

<Really REALLY belated, cos was waiting for the rest of the photos to be sent to me.. many apologies! TwT … Incoming LONG LONG POST!!>

Anyways… Day 3 was here! It was Grand Finals day for my booth, and an unexpected appearance of a special guest of mine really turned up quite a few notches on.. NERVE WRECK INDUCEMENT. But more on that later.

<Day 3: 29th December 2013>
<Ready and raring to go!!>

Having barely slept for 3 hours, and honestly.. running pretty much on reserve stamina from the get-go, it was made all the more tougher with 2 events running simultaneously. Nevertheless, I was all ready to see this through.

Remember in my earlier post that I had hoped for a special VIP guest to appear? Well, by sheer luck I was able to catch up with her just as she arrived to the event for the day, and after some introductions, I managed to secure some time for her to come!! And you already might have guessed who…
<None other than Alodia Gosiengfiao herself!!>

Talk about me being calm… I felt I could just crumble at any point of time. lol

Now it was Alodia’s FIRST EVER attempt on playing Jubeat, so guiding her was only necessary. After all, you don’t always get such an influential figure next to you and depending on you to guide her through! xD

<Step by step Instructions…>

<That reaction of hers really is on a cheating level here. I mean, how could you NOT go KYAA >_< whenever she did that?>


<No seriously… How could I NOT smile at that? :/>

And after which, I guided her through the world of E-Amusement, and her gaze was obvious enough to tell you that she really REALLY wanted to learn more about it.
<ANDDD…… TADAH!! She now has her own E-Amusment Pass and ID!!>



<My personal wish came true in an instant. My inner reaction? YAY YAY ASFOLISDJFOISDNBSERELKJ YAY!>

I had also introduced her to the Tablet version (aka Jubeat Plus) to her, and boy… to which she caught on ALMOST immediately. Even her mum (she was sitting down nearby) mentioned to me that she could practically stay at the table for the entire afternoon if she could. NOT THAT I WOULD MIND AT ALL. ๐Ÿ˜€
<Alodia + Jubeat Plus = ? You decide. :D>


<That look of hers. I reckoned I could almost imagine what she was thinking… WHAT IS THIS GAME!? I MUST HAVE IT>

Anyway, she stayed way longer than what I had originally planned for (NOT THAT IT IS A BAD THING REALLY), but there was my event still left to finish, and I couldn’t just abandon all of that right? So as she left… I exchanged a few words with her and *BASHED*

<Yes, you got caught sneaking a peek. It’s not like… I.. I wanted Alodia to stay… or.. something!!>

<Picking Ping Pong Balls had never been more… entertaining!>

<Dem dead audiences… >

Meanwhile… over on the other event end… the participants were all practicing for the turn to begin, and while it may surprise you reading this, but my personal take is that everyone is probably REALLY grateful that such an app exists. It really adds another dimension to playing the game, so much so that even if you’re dead busy at work, you could still afford a 10-15 minute break playing this, and in turn, allows you to stay in touch with the game even if you could ill afford to spend working hour shifts for it.


<iPad… where playing is Serious Business>

And as the afternoon quickly trudged along, there were those moments where the community itself really got to its feet and cheered along for all of the participants, which actually grabbed the attention of many a onlooker actually. It pretty much reinstates the fact that there is an ever growing community right here in our small little country, and its through such events that they are able to unite under as one.

One such example would be when the ‘moment’ came where all 4 participants tied with each another (it was a perfect maximum score), and it really got the community ROARING and Clapping and Cheering for them. I could have not foreseen that moment happening, nor was anyone prepared for it, but nevertheless, it did happen, and boy did the community respond in kind.

<Yup.. THE legendary moment that brought the entire community together as one>

And as the competition narrowed down to the final 2 teams for the finals, it soon became apparent to me.. that all this was soon about to come to a close. In a way, I could heave a big sigh of relief, and yet at the same time, it was a moment that I really felt alot of regret/sadness. Not so much so as in a failure sense, but more like.. ‘It’s already over? I should have done more!’ type of feeling.

The finals was as pulsating as anyone would have expected, and both teams really put up their A-game to grant the audience an entertaining match-up…

<The Finalists of the Jubea+ Tournament 2013!>

<Yup.. 7 hours had already eclipsed since the start of Day 3, yet here they were, still watching. Still enjoying every moment of it>

But ultimately, there had to be a champion from all of this, and it is to no surprise that the team that most people expected them to win secured theirs in style, winning 2 rounds in a Best of 3 Finals Match Up.
<That VICTORY Pose. :D>

And of course, the usual ceremonies were in order, only this time.. for the 2nd year running, I would be the one to personally hand over the prizes to the participants. Still gives me the chills, but oh how excited I must have felt when I gave them out.


<2nd Runner Up – Eden Lau & Daniel Lo>


<1st Runner Up – Niccholas Haw & Sherwin Teo (Niccholas couldn’t stay in time for Prize Presentation due to Army Commiments>



<The Champions – Lucas Leong & Jovian Tan (I received a thwack on my shoulder for ‘forcing’ him to play in the exhibition match.. :/>

All 3 Teams walked away with Cash Prizes, Konami Apparels & X-Mini Speakers. (Many thanks to Konami & X-Mini for sponsoring!!)

And of course, not forgetting the winner of the Jubeat Plus event too, which duly went to… who else?
<Congratulations to Lucas Leong for clinching Top Spot in the Jubeat Plus Tournament!>

And that was it!! It was finished!! It felt like an eternity to arrive, after spending 72 hours being a worry-wart. But it was finally done!!
<Though for the rest, it was MORE FREE GAMES – PERIOD!>

And so as the event drew to a close, I felt rather overwhelmed over the fact that it was really finally over. It’s really hard to describe it, but this feeling can only be felt when you have done and gone through what I have been doing over the past 3 days, and it’s an almost surreal feeling. To think that I would actually feel something similar twice in the space of 1 week.

Some more other shots of the day…
<The little ones having fun trying out Jubeat Plus>










<The Participants.. having fun!>






<Be it the Public, the Participants, the Marshals… everyone enjoyed themselves, which was more than what I could ever ask for in return>

<How dead tired I was (BED HAIR AND ALL), I could never say no to a random smile to a camera.. would I? :D>

And as the event finally drew its curtains down, I realized just then.. how far I had actually went with this. This entire event that I had organized for has raised the bar for future events to come, and you can be sure that I will be at the helm, creating yet another event that can only get better the next time.

With that, I leave you to my final few shots of the event (MAJOR SHOUTOUT my photographers Shi Rong & Yong Zhi, and to the guys over at SheepyTrilogy who provided some amazing photo shoots of the event), and the main highlight for me personally, that is Alodia gracing my event herself. Thank you so much Alodia for coming!! I hoped you have enjoyed yourself at the event as much as I have, and hope to see you soon in more events!!

If you had made it this far, I thank you for reading this super long and super late post. Thank you all and I hope to see you all again real soon! ๐Ÿ˜€
<GE3’s 2 Main Highlights for me. I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity to have partaken in all of this>

<A Montage of the Jubeat Tournament. Credits to my photographer Ong Shi Rong>

<The Jubeat (Singapore) Community alongside with me and Alodia>



<Alodia gracing our booth was a blessing for some of our lucky participants as they get to take a quick photo with her! :>…>




<And as for me, well… *AHEM!* ORGANIZER INCENTIVE, AS THEY SAY. xD>

For those of you who would like to view the video of her playing at the Jubeat Booth (18 Minutes of awesome), you can click on this link pasted below, or from the guys over at SheepyTrilogy (which I have already linked up earlier). Do show some support!! :>
ย (Alodia at Jubeat Exhibition @ GE3)


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