TanksAsia Masters Season 2 Finals – Day 1

And here it comes!! My next venture takes me to the land of Taiwan (mmm chicken cutlet and lots of cute gir*zip*).

Ok let’s just continue. (Picture Spam Alert!!) :>

So with Taipei Game Show happening over the week, the World of Tanks was having their Season 2 Masters coming to a close, with their playoffs at the event itself. For the unknown, The Taipei Game Show is pretty much the same as the Tokyo Game Show, E3 etc.. in that it is a gaming convention that brings together gamers / gaming companies alike to showcase and display their latest products for the general public.

So of course, I would be the one to head down to support my World of Tanks Division (who played awesomely to earn a direct seed to the Grand Finals), and thus…
<A lonely me waiting to check in at the airport at 5am in the morning!!>

<The World of Tanks Division all smiles as we prepared our flight to Taiwan>

<Goodbye Singapore!! I will be seeing you back on Sunday!>



<Some Mandatory In-flight shots while on the plane…>

<Flash forward 7 hours later, and tadah!! Here we are in Taiwan!! :D>


<And… all hands on deck!! ROLL OUT!>

Upon reaching Taiwan, while waiting for our transport to arrive, this happened.

<Like.. really. How awesome can this transport get, ESPECIALLY WHEN IT COMES IN THAT OH-SO-WOW DECAL>

It really was that awesome, so much so that even after the Transport had reached its destination, we still wanted more photos of it.
<Yes, another pose please!! :D>

In case you didn’t had enough…


<Much awesome.. Many WOW!!>

<My hotel room this time round. Why do I get the feeling that the one that I stayed at Malaysia last month was so much better?>

Now, being at Taiwan meant that I’ll be standing face to face with the Taipei 101 Building, so naturally, a photo of me infront of it was in order…
<That Height….>

<Really.. REALLY.. Tall>

Meeting up with my Division for a quick debrief with Taiwan’s E-Sports Director for World of Tanks, Mr. Yamane, the details for our team’s matchup on Sunday were ironed out, and dinner was at our call.



<My Division’s hotel room, at which night was falling fast. Just look at the difference a few minutes can turn the overall atmosphere of the picture into…>

<Taiwan’s E-Sports Director for World of Tanks – Mr. Yamane>

<A quick debrief before heading out to dinner. The other finalists were present as well, featuring Team Efficiency from Malaysia, and Team PVP Super Friends from Philippines!>

I apologize for the lack of Event photos, as we were unable to enter the Exhibition Hall in time, (the event itself finishes at 6). But not to worry, I will be heading in tomorrow with my early bird pass, and my next post will feature more of the event itself!!


With that, I leave the last few shots of my day to our Division’s activities after dinner, (which basically just involved a quick walk around the night market introduced by Mr. Yamane himself). Many things will be happening tomorrow, so till then, stay tuned!! Good Night, and see you tomorrow!

<Taipei 101 decked in all of her night colors>

<Team Insidious Gaming at the Home Hotel @ Taiwan, all ready for dinner!>

<It’s Taiwan. It’s Din Tai Fung… how could I say NO? :<…>


<The Night Market. As expected, it was quite lively in there, even though it was close to reaching 11pm actually>

<The World of Tanks Division enjoying themselves. I must say, the hoodies look awesome, if I do say so myself! Huehuehue…>

<I’ll just leave this here, because it just says.. OH MY GOD, PLEASE HUG ME. MY NAME IS Q BI!!>

<Furion-kun is NOT PLEASED because he has to stay awake with me to finish up this blog post!! Look at him staring at me to HURRY UP (his hand was pointing to my laptop’s time, which read -> 1.30AM!!)

P.S. – Mascot-kun will be making his appearance at a later post. He’s got quite the adventure ahead of him, so I will explain his story to you when the time comes!! πŸ˜€


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